C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy

location: Austria 1130 Vienna

3x 300s  + 8x 180s Canon 5d MkII ISO 800, TMB 80/600 at 474mm with 0,8x reducer Televue, 6 x Dark at 300s and 4x Dark at 180s, 11 Flat, IDAS LPI Filter, registered and stacked with DeepSkyStacker stacked with Auto Adaptive Weight Average 2 , 2 Super Pixel, Losmandy G11, guiding with GSO 200/800mm and Meade DSI


2015_01_06, 19:47 mean exposure time UTC


Coma diameter about 17´ very bright about 5mag visible outer suburb unaided eye

tail on this picture about 20´ long DC6

Moon 0.975 about 40° east

Position in constellation Eridanus (ERI) 

44° above horizon



created : 10.01.2015 - updated : 10.01.2015    -  (c) T.Zwach  - photos: Thomas Zwach