Merkurtransit, 9. Mai 2016

2016 May 9, Mercury Transit of the Sun  

location: Austria 1130 Vienna

AstroSolar SafetyFilm OD5.0
l, Losmandy G11, no guiding

Canon 5d MKII 1/1000s, ISO 100, TMB 80/600 reducer to 474mm

image croped

2016_05_09, 11:23 to 16:58 UTC image taken

From my observatory the view of the sun ends at 16:58 UTC so the end of the transit was not observable

Video 1000 frames  640x480 with Webcam Philips ToUCam Pro (PCVC 740K), GSO 800/200mm at 800mm,  no Dark, no Flat,  registered and stacked 5 percent of frames with RegiStax,




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created : 21.05.2016 - updated : 31.05.2016    -  (c) T.Zwach  - photos: Thomas Zwach